In a futuristic 1950’s, a woman is imprisoned in an internment facility for unwanted android housewives.


In a 1950’s future-world, a human woman finds herself mistakenly arrested and imprisoned in an internment facility for defective and unwanted android housewives. Inside one of the holding cells, she meets a group of “Tinwives” and becomes witness to the horrific nature of the society in which she lives. 

About the Film

The Tinwife is a retro science-fiction short film based on a multiple award-winning short screenplay. Set in an alternate future inspired by the fantastic future-predictions of many artists, illustrators, architects, and science-fiction authors from the 1950's - the film explores the dimly-lit underworld of an otherwise charming 1950’s utopia, and presents a dark vision of an oppressive future-world that has used technology to remake women into subservient beings and disposable commodities. 

Stylistically, the film is greatly inspired by the films and television of the 1950’s (read: anything Hitchcock and Rod Serling). In creating the film, our aim was to bring a mix of both contemporary and 1950’s cinematic sensibilities to life through the overall style of the film, writing, production design, and score. Altogether, the film is meant to simultaneously feel old and new - existing somewhere in-between a clash of past and future in both form and subject. 

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