Final Screening at Festival International du Film d'Aubagne! by Travis Neufeld


After a year on the festival circuit, The Tinwife will make its FINAL screening at the Festival International du Film d'Aubagne!!! The festival, which is located in the south of France, annually showcases and celebrates 80 shorts from around the world that exhibit a strong relationship between film and music. It's an honour to be selected and we're so very happy that we get to close out our absolutely-pure-magic tour at such a stunning and unique festival. 

The Tinwife will play in the Program 4 shorts block alongside the Oscar-Nominated short WATU WOTE.

Best Actress in A Short at Other Worlds Austin! by Travis Neufeld


We're so very honoured to announce that Anna Mazurik has received the Best Actress in a Short award at Other Worlds Austin in Austin, Texas!!! Anna's outstanding and brilliant performance has electrified audiences all over the festival circuit and has made The Tinwife the success that it is today. We'd like to thank Anna for everything she's brought to the film, her super-atomic-level dedication, and all-around cool attitude!! 

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SIFA Award Wins! by Travis Neufeld

We're so very honoured to announce that The Tinwife received a Special Jury Award and Technical Achievement Award (for Production Design) at this year's Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards!!! We'd like to thank everyone who helped make The Tinwife and give a special shoutout to our brilliant and outstanding Production Design Team (Nicole Zalesak, Jennifer Machnee, Rebecca Boese, Alyssa Karpinka, Rissa Weitzel, Audra Balion, and Kelly Sauder) who worked tirelessly to bring The Tinwife's retro-future universe to life!

More November Nominations! by Travis Neufeld


The SIFA - Saskatchewan Independent Film Awards nominations were just announced this morning and The Tinwife has been nominated for Technical Achievements in Cinematography (DOP and Colourist Devin McAdam) and Production Design (Travis Neufeld) as well as another Best Acting nomination for Anna Mazurik!!! We're excited and honoured to be nominated and look forward to an incredible night of #SKFILM! Congrats to all of the nominees!

November Nominations! by Travis Neufeld

We're so very honoured to announce that The Tinwife has been nominated for 4 awards between the Chilliwack Independent Film Festival and the Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival!!! Award nominations include Best Short Film, Best Actress (Anna Mazurik), Best Score, and Best North American Short Film. Thanks again to everyone who helped make The Tinwife a reality and to the festivals for their generous consideration!

The Tinwife Wins at Dragon Con! by Travis Neufeld

Mailchimp Announcement Dragon Con Win.jpg

We're so very honoured to announce that The Tinwife has been awarded FIRST PLACE SCIENCE FICTION at the Dragon Con Film Festival in Atlanta!!!! We couldn't be more excited about this and proud to have screened alongside some of the most awe-inspiring genre short films on the circuit! Thanks again to the entire cast & crew and everyone out there who has helped make the The Tinwife and its festival run such a success!

Red Carpet Recap: The Tinwife Rocks FilmQuest! by Travis Neufeld

Team Tinwife just returned from a weekend full of incredible genre films, Mormon temples, and waffles! FilmQuest is one of the absolute best fests we've been to and the block films we played with was absolutely brilliant. We didn't take home any Cthulhu awards, but we slayed on the red carpet and met some unbelievably talented filmmakers. Who knew Provo was so cool?

Next Stop: Spain! by Travis Neufeld

We are so very honoured to announce that The Tinwife is an official selection of the International Film Music Festival of Tenerife (Fimucité) and has been nominated for Best Original Score in a Short Film!!! Situated in Spain's Canary Islands, Fimucite is one of the largest and most well-respected Film Music festivals on the circuit! This year, the festival has selected only 20 short films out of its 1,200 submissions.